Custom Programming

Custom Programming

What is Custom Programming?

Currey Adkins has been providing Custom Programming for customers across the globe for over 45 years. Custom Programming is where Currey Adkins designs and programs applications to specifically meet the needs of your organization. Instead of buying a pre-made application, you can work with our developers to design a program that does what you want and how you want it done. This can be a wide variety of applications including large databases, employee task and time management, inventory systems, e-commerce systems, web interfaces, etc. Let Currey Adkins design an application that helps you work more effectively.

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What are the benefits of custom application development?

There are several benefits to developing a custom application. With a custom application, an organization can get a system that works just the way they want it. Another benefit is that the application can change as your needs change. When you want to change the way the application works Currey Adkins can modify the application. Why buy an expensive “off-the-shelf” solution that has bells and whistles that you will never use? Why settle on an application that almost does what you need?

What languages and systems does Currey Adkins support?

Currey Adkins supports several languages and architectures. We support Windows, Linux and Open Source operating systems as well as mid-range systems such as HP-UX, IBM AS/400, and HP3000. We can develop and support many languages including COBOL, PHP, ASP, Visual Basic, and .Net.